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Test your skills!

Post  schrebra on Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:17 pm

Lets see how smart you really are, okay? I'm going to write down a simple dream that I had the other night and I'd like you to tell me what you think it means, and NO CHEATING!

I wrote this fairly quick, so..

There was a big city surrounding me and i was in a community park. The park had trees and hill and there were kids playing outside. I was walking along this concrete trail that was winding around the park. I had this feeling of walking with a group of close friends, but i was completely along. I felt pretty good just taking in the fresh air and being alive.

I stumbled upon a fenced in public pool, as i was walking along this trail. On the trail was an iguana. Just in the middle of nowhere. I figured it was someones pet so i picked it up and began asking people who's it was. Some people told me it has been there since yesterday, and others told me they have no clue. When i was carrying him i thought to myself that maybe i should keep him if no one else claims him. So i went to the public pool and asked around. Still no one claimed him. So i set him down and went swimming. The pool was kinda old there were weeds growing out of the concrete floor and the grass was getting tall too. But i went anyway. I swam around for about 15 minutes, and i started to wonder where he went. I got out and began searching for him. I couldn't find him, later i found him hurt. Someone stepped on him. So i picked him up and was going to take him home. I was going to take good care of him until he got better.

If you have the answer just submit it below and I'll let you know if you were right!!



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